The Most Prestigious Sports Tournament In The World

June 2018 is coming, and the world’s most significant sports event is going to happen. Ask the youth which is your favorite sports. Many will say they like the cricket, but most of them will say they love to watch football matches live. Well, the football is the most popular sports in the world, and the football world cup is the most prestigious event. This year, again, many countries are taking part in the game to win the trophy. But who will be the winner? Who are the favorites? Which teams are taking part in the event and which team is not the part of the event this year? What are the best odds for betting in this world cup?

The Most Popular Sports:

Well, everyone knows that the football is the most popular sports in the world and the most watched tournament is football world cup. The excitement of the football fans goes to the peak, and they start following the whole event. At the same time, the betting also becomes popular, and many people bet on their favorite player or team.

Who will qualify the next round? Who will be out in the first round? Which team will score more goals? Which team or player has come becoming more passionate to win? All these questions are essential for the betters. They need to observe the players and teams, to bet on carefully.

World Cup Odds:

Fifa55 is the right place to bet on your favorite team. Who will be lifting the trophy in 2018? Everyone is anxious to know. To bet on your chosen team or player, you must be aware of the latest news. If you do not understand what is happening in the football world, then you are not a good bookie. Currently, the bookie’s favorite is Germany. Of course, it is a strong team with skilled players.

Thirty-two teams including the host team Russia is taking part this year and here are the world Cup odds of a few football teams:

  • Brazil (5-1)
  • Spain (7-1)
  • England (20-1)
  • Germany (9-2)
  • Argentina (8-1)
  • Russia (30-1)

This year every team is taking part with passion, and they have worked really hard to be the winners.  Whenever we think about the football world cup, the first nation that comes to mind is Brazil. How can we forget the Germany who reached the 8th final in 2014? Germany defeated Argentina in the finals and became the world champions.

Brazil, France, Spain, Argentina, and Belgium have strong squads on paper. It will not be that easy to bet on the team this year as every team has a new passion for it. So keep your fingers crossed and wait for the moment when the team you bet on wins. Enjoy the world’s most famous event with the family and friends. One tip for the bookies is it will be better to observe the tournament first before betting.

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