The Export Development Loan- USDA-RD Loans.

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The rural housing service (PDE) was set up to help companies finance their international development. This is one of the major export support schemes planned for companies that are going international.

The Entrepreneurs Corner offers you an information sheet on the export development loan.

Companies eligible for this financing

The export development loan is an open financing scheme:

To SMEs incorporated and respecting certain size criteria (see below),

And to independent mid-size companies employing no more than 5,000 employees.

By SME we mean companies that respect the definition of SME in the sense of the community. These must for this:

The export loan must be used to finance specific expenses.

These expenses are classified in 3 categories:

Intangible investments  : expenses related to the setting up of foreign subsidiaries, acquisitions of foreign companies, adaptations of products and services for export marketing, participation in fairs and exhibitions , standardization expenses, expenses related to VIEs, communication expenses … These are all intangible investments required for rural housing service

Material investments with a low pledge value: these include computer equipment, equipment produced by the company for its own needs, and investments related to installation and representation abroad.

And the increased need for working capital generated by the export development project.

Note: the company does not have to justify expenses with proof.

Amount of Export Development Loan the external funding must finance the same project, be realized since less than 6 months and can be:

A bank loan of at least 5 years,

Or capital contributions made by the partners or shareholders.

Unlocking export development loan:

When the amount of the export rural development loan does not exceed 150 000 euros, the release can take place within 15 days, which is relatively fast.

In other cases, the delay is longer because the loan is linked to obtaining external financing of an equivalent amount.

Other features of this loan

Here are the other features of the export development loan:

Repayment of the loan is spread over a period of 7 years,

The loan rate is set according to the financial situation of the company, it is generally between 3 and 5%,

The company can request a deferral of repayment of up to 2 years, which gives the company time to develop the export part,

a holdback equal to 5% of the loan is applied,

no personal guarantee or other guarantee is required, whether at the level of the company or the manager.

Benefit from the export rural development loan

The export development loan is managed by Bpifrance.

To benefit from this, you must download an export development loan application form, complete it and send it to Bpifrance.

A Bpifrance advisor will then contact you to continue the process.

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