Real Estate Valuation

Real estate valuation implies an assessment of the rights transferred to it (the right to lease, the right of ownership, the right of ownership, etc.). The appraisal procedure is required when carrying out practically any operations with it, starting with renting out, buying and selling, and ending with making decisions on the implementation of projects for the reconstruction or construction of real estate objects, on making objects in the authorized capital, etc. Property valuation is necessary in order to ensure the effectiveness of investments in it.

Estimation of commercial real estate:

Over time, the cost of capital that has been invested in real estate changes under the influence of such factors as the demand for a certain type of real estate, inflation, economic, functional and physical deterioration. Therefore, making a decision on investing money in real estate, it is important to evaluate commercial properties.

Our specialists have extensive experience in real estate valuation in this category. Real estate appraisal in Novosibirsk takes into account all the factors that affect the value of the property, and the formation of the conclusion is based on complete, current, objective and reliable information. Most often, the value of a commercial real estate appraisal is performed for its pledge, while our partner banks come as an additional guarantee of quality: we have extensive experience working with these banks. Reports made by us are always successfully passed by credit committees.

Evaluation of construction in progress:

Construction in progress can be viewed as an unsuccessfully implemented investment project, when investors who are prone to high risks could not achieve their objectives in an unfavorable investment climate. To return at least part of the invested funds, most of them refuse to start projects and implement construction in progress on the open markets of more enterprising owners.

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As practice shows, the cost of the classical approach to assessing unfinished real estate projects in Novosibirsk is significantly different from the average indicators of the modern market. Therefore, for a long time, the market for construction in progress was in decline, and unfinished buildings do not find owners. Cooperating with our company on the assessment of assets under construction, you can more efficiently manage your property or solve the issue of investment.

Evaluation of market rent:

The success of a business has various components. However, the rental rate is decisive. Most tenants believe that it is often a stumbling block in the development of a company.

Rent from many entrepreneurs takes a large share of working capital, after which the money is not enough either for depreciation of equipment or for repairs. From this situation, the only solution is to evaluate the rent by independent appraisers. Valuation of the rent is a compromise that will satisfy the landlord and tenant.


Everyone who wants to exchange, sell or buy an apartment must first evaluate it. Naturally, everyone can appreciate the apartment “by eye”, but this is a serious event, it is better to trust the professionals.

In order for a private house to be assessed correctly, many factors need to be taken into account: the type of house and its location, the presence of a concierge in the entrance and the courtyard, distance from the center, etc. In addition, the appraisal report of the apartment, made by professional appraisers, is an official document accepted for consideration by credit banking departments, courts and other organizations, as well as government agencies.

Estimation for mortgage due to the development of mortgage lending is currently one of the most popular types of valuation.

 Valuation of joint property upon dissolution of marriage:

Unfortunately, not all marriages are strong. But one should also not forget that the dissolution of a marriage union is the end of the relationship between the spouses and the subsequent legal procedures for settling issues of joint prosperity. Assessing property during a divorce is an unavoidable procedure at the end of disputes regarding the division of property. What does the co-owned property encompass?

You need to know that after the dissolution of the marriage union, only all the wealth acquired in the marriage is divided. All of it is subject to assessment and attributed to him.

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