The Penis Makes The Virility Of Men.

Also, a man with a small penis can develop a complex vis-à-vis others and his partner. Moreover, desire is not enough to satisfy the latter. It is necessary to go to the act with a penis very strong and to be effective. If the size of your penis is for you a kind of blockage for your personal and sexual development, know that it is possible to increase its size.

Penis size, according to genetic factors and lifestyle

The size of a penis varies from one person to another, depending on its origin and various factors, including genetics, lifestyle and increase-the-size-of-penisPower. Men with a long phallus are often genetic in nature. They have a natural diet without chemicals. This is the case of Congolese who are No. 1 worldwide in terms of the size of the zizi. They consume a lot of cassava (staple food from Congo), vegetables, brèdes, fresh meat and fruits. Medicinal plants and essential oils are also their best allies. Western clothing like jeans, underpants, underpants or any other outfit likely to tighten their penis, do not attract them. They prefer to leave the penis free in very loose pants in soft and lightweight fabric, thus promoting its growth. The average size of the erect penis

a Congolese is between 16 to 18 cm, while for a Frenchman, it is 12.5 cm to 14.5 cm. Globally, the majority of men have a penis between 13 to 16 cm . According to these studies, the average size of a penis is 14.5 cm.

Natural method to enlarge the penis

According to studies and legends, some exercises and natural products can help enlarge the penis . This concern is not exclusive to modern men. In ancient times, men have used various methods, including lifting weights, massage with warm water and essential oils. Weight lifting is the process of tying the end of the penis to a weight. Practiced on a regular basis, this method lengthens the penis. Today, the penis extender replaces this process. It has the same concept, but more modern and more secure as sizegenetics that has helped many people to enlarge their penis with panis size increase oil.

Massage is the simplest and fastest way for a long-term effect. Note that this is not a masturbation. It consists of massaging the sex of the base to the glans by pressing hard enough, then down to the testicles by mixing them. It can be done with hot water, then with essential oil of nutmeg or ginger. The hot water can be replaced by an infusion of medicinal plants such as Yohimb or cumin . Aside from these exercises, the jelq method has recently become very popular, and consists of a 20- to 45-minute stretching of the penis by the hand.

Is surgery safe?

Although the majority of men have a normal-sized penis, in recent times the use of surgery is increasingly appealing. Obviously, this is the most effective method, but the most risky and most importantly, the most expensive. It can cost you in the minimum of 5,000 €. The operation involves injecting fat into the penis (lipofilling) or inserting implants such as silicones. Both methods can be effective in some people, and tragic in others. Doctors and surgeons always recommend more natural ways like the jelq method or massage products.

The advantages and disadvantages of this practice

The increase in the size of the penis helps the man to improve his image vis-à-vis his congeners, especially his partner. It heals the penis complex of small size, and limits the blockage of desire related to the psychological factor. However, it does not improve erection. Every woman has her preference for penis size. According to studies, 10% of women whose companions have large penises would like the latter to be of medium height. Indeed, a large penis may hurt your partner, and contribute to a decline in his desire.

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