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The move can sometimes be more complex than expected, especially with regard to the insurance to be subscribed. Here are some ways to help you be well covered during your move.

First thing to do: insure your Home – buy house insurance online

Moving is not a very simple matter, especially when it comes to home insurance. Indeed, several choices are available to you: take the insurance of the seller, continue with yours (by declaring the change of address) or subscribe a brand new multi-household. If you are a tenant, you will be forced to choose from these three solutions.

On the other hand, remember that as a homeowner, buy house insurance online is only recommended. When you buy, the law provides that the seller’s insurance insures the property. However, you can choose another home insurance, in which case you have three months from the purchase to cancel your old home multi-risk.

Contractual relocation insurance

The move can also be a test as such. Breakage, theft, these two major risks can cost you dearly. That’s why you must conscientiously complete a declaration of value when establishing your contract with your mover. This estimate of the total amount of your property is essential. Take the time to reason object by object and not globally.

Keep in mind that removal professionals must have contracted basic insurance (also known as “civil liability”) to prevent these risks. This corresponds to a mandatory minimum: the mover takes responsibility for any problem. However, it is limited because it only covers the damage that is caused by the mover.

There are therefore exceptions to this contractual relocation insurance. Be aware that the mover can indeed be released from any responsibility for several reasons:

  • If you have badly packed your items,
  • In case of force majeure,
  • Or if the damage is due to a clean vice.

Read carefully the terms of compensation and the exclusions provided for in your moving contract. You are also entitled to ask your mover to submit basic contractual liability for the amount of refunds.

Home insurance: the damage cover

How to ensure that the home insurance covers damages in the event of theft or breakage? It is possible that buy house insurance online multi-risk covers the damage caused during a move without extended warranty. It will then notify your insurer by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR) where you indicate the date of the move and the address of buy house insurance online.

If this is not the case, it may be interesting to take out an additional guarantee with your insurer or your mover. Indeed, the moving damage cover will cover the damages not foreseen by the declaration of value and will allow you to be better compensated, in particular for:

The force majeure that would exclude the application of contractual relocation insurance: a robbery with violence, a traffic accident caused by a third, very bad weather conditions, etc.;

Benefit from the purchase value or the market value of old assets, rather than the replacement value in the event of a problem.

As a result, an additional guarantee would allow you to take care more extensively of the damage suffered by all of your property during your move.

The advice that your home insurer can give you is not insignificant, especially regarding the extent of your coverage. Ask your advisor for more information about your warranties, review your contract and also make sure that the deductible does not exceed 500 dollars.

Home insurance when moving without a professional

Finally, if you are moving on your own, be aware that the people who come to help you will not be well covered against permanent injuries in case of accident without the purchase of a term insurance or if they do not hold a accident insurance , unless a third party is responsible for the accident in question.

If you rent a moving truck, you must also take out a “vehicle damage” insurance.

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