The many benefits of music theory

Should one go to music theory or use one’s musical hearing? This is a question that musicians, both novices and professionals, ask frequently.

Fans of the old school, like many schools and conservatories of music, will not hesitate to tell you, it is necessary to start from the base. It must be said that they are right. Indeed, even if you have good musical hearing, mastering the universal language of music is still necessary.

Here are the few benefits that can result.

Avoid the loss of time

Someone who knows music theory is someone who can play any song. In addition, his learning ability is much more important. By exercising more, he can read the notes quickly. It will be a real time saver. Someone who only uses his musical hearing will not have such an ability. He must listen repeatedly to a melody to know the chords used. In addition, the risk of facing a blockage is optimal.

It must also be remembered that during music lessons, apprentice musicians discover all the techniques of building a chord. They also learn to recognize the sound of each note, the rhythm, the time and the nuances. All these notions are of course addressed on the site of in the music and solfege classes. Thus, if he is led to create a score by listening to a piece, it can easily happen. The advantage of mastering solfege is so huge.

Better communication with other musicians.

As mentioned before, music theory is a musical language. It is through him that musicians of different nationalities communicate. For example, a French rock band wants to collaborate with an excellent English guitarist. For him to know the piece to play, he needs a score. In this paper, the guitarist will find all the indications that will allow him to play the melody without the slightest problem.

To take this into account, to take music lessons is also to multiply your chances of becoming a professional musician. Your in- depth knowledge of music theory is indeed proof of your expertise. They can open many doors for you.

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Unparalleled know-how

It is often said that music theory is an obstacle to emotions. This is not completely wrong. In fact, everything depends on each musician. Some of them tend to rely too much on technique. By dint of wanting to show that they master the music well, they forget the essential. It’s about reaching the audience with the message that the song contains.

But for the most passionate, the mastery of music theory allows them to play on emotions and feelings. Note that they can know precisely the type of melody to play through the indicators of nuance and various signs in the score. Whether the piece speaks of melancholy, love, nostalgia, joy or mourning, we can easily recognize it when we know the music theory. Thus, by using their sensitivity, their know-how and their passion, the musicians will be able to transmit correctly the message that the author wanted to pass.

Trust and so much more

Knowing the theory allows to gain confidence because the musician knows where he puts his feet, or rather the hands 😉 More seriously, know the music theory allows any musician to adapt to any situation, to play the game. Music with a lot of ease. The many music theory exercises that any musician can do during his apprenticeship will allow him to better understand a new rhythm, to integrate a group more easily, to improvise if asked. Remember that you can also download a variety of music exercises that will help you progress.

More generally, all the faculties, qualities, virtues brought and possible by learning music have already been mentioned on this blog, so you can read how music develops our intelligence. Andrew Shaw Authentic Jersey

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