What Is An Interior Shutter? – Plantation Shutters In Montgomery TX

This is an ideal wood shutter that accommodates horizontal louvers adjustable to dose the light and privacy in each room. The plantation shutter installers, or shutters, can be opening, tilting, sliding, articulated or simple. The interior shutters are a particularly functional window dressing, practical, elegant and timeless. It is a perfect decoration for windows in every style of interior. An internal component for a bathroom window, a roof window, a rectangular window or round a swinging tilt window or just standard? Our interior plantation shutter installers are suitable for every opening, from the small triangular window of the attic to the large bay window of the living room. Custom manufacturing is of course the hallmark of JASNO.

What is the budget of shutters?

The budget is based on the type of interior shutters. Simply, the interior shutters are available from a budget of 300 $ / m² HT. For a more accurate price study, you can contact JASNO directly.  A more precise measurement, carried out by JASNO, will be proposed to you, in order to bring a personalized advice for the installation of your window covering, your separation of room or cupboard. You can also calculate an estimate of your budget based on the dimensions of your openings.

Where can I buy the interior plantation shutter installers?

Contact us if you want to know if there is a JASNO partner near you!

Anxious to bring you the best support and the best services, we have developed several partnerships in France. This close collaboration allows us to offer you concrete solutions adapted to your project. These partners have been selected for their seriousness, their qualities and their know-how, in order to best meet your expectations.

What type of interior shutters do you have?

We have 4 ranges of interior shutters. All our interior shutters are custom-made, available with or without the adjustment strip, with different louver sizes and different opening configurations

Our main feature is not visible …… the invisible hinge. These hinges are not visible, they are embedded in the amount of the panel.

This gives a clean, modern appearance and provides excellent strength.

Prime wood Interior Shutter

Our FSC certified interior plantation shutter installers are in white teak and are the number one in sales.

Available for each window and / or opening for round window, beveled, curved or triangular fl skylights.

Available in different colors of stained varnish or lacquers from the JASNO collection. Also available in RAL and NCS finishes.

Available with 47 mm, 63 mm and 89 mm louvers but also a 114 mm XXL louver for a very modern interior.

For spaces where the dressing of windows must be sterile, we offer a hygienilac layer.

Prime wood shutters is available from 434 $ / m2 excluding tax

Eco wood interior shutter

The interior shutters of our Eco wood range are made of compressed wood fiber from forests that are managed in an environmentally friendly way. Durable and economical.

Available for straight form windows

Available in the five most requested shades of white from the JASNO range. Available with 47mm, 63mm and 89mm louvers.

An ecological shutters; the use of wood “waste” allows a more efficient use of wood.

They combine perfectly in the same room with our shutters of the Prime wood range. But it is not recommended to use both ranges in the same opening due to slight differences in finish.

Eco wood shutters is available from 300 $ / m2 HT

Eco wood plus Interior Shutter

The plus means complementary, because this range has two complementary advantages:

The louvers are hardened ABS foam, a lighter material. This composition makes it possible to manufacture larger panels.

Available in 18 JASNO lacquer colors.

Eco wood plus shutters is available from 338 $ / m2 HT

Aquiline interior shutter

Water resistance is the main character of the Aqualine interior shutters. This range is made entirely of hardened ABS foam, a synthetic material of superior quality.

Also available for special shaped windows.

Available in 6 shades of white

A perfect solution for wet rooms, such as the bathroom, the pool and wellness area, and the kitchen.

Available with 47 mm, 63 mm and 89 mm louvers, but also an XXL louver (114 mm).

Aqualine shutters is available from 434 $ / m2 HT

Our interior shutters are for indoor use only and should not be installed outdoors.

Why choose JASNO interior shutters?

JASNO stands for solidity, service and quality. Their technical qualities are undeniable but often hidden in the plantation shutter installers. The invisible hinge and the lateral technical side are invisible but important qualities.

It is worth remembering that decorating magazines plebicit our interior shutters.

Now, our shutters are present in many houses and apartments. Interior shutters are available for each window, for each room.

Very important; the interior shutters are easy to maintain.

Our interior shutters make your interior unique. It is as simple as that. HIGHLIGHT YOUR HOME!

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