Men’s Wedding Suits – Athletic Physics

A high protein diet, thousands of pounds of cast iron raised and months of deprivation beers ended up giving you the physique of a Greek statue. Unfortunately, what you did not expect when you worked hard to get an arm as wide as the thigh of a normal-sized person is that it would be difficult to find clothes in your size. A very athletic physique is undoubtedly one of the most difficult morphologies to dress. Generally “cut in V”, a man with a sporty build has much wider shoulders. The result is a certain difficulty in finding mens wedding suits as the difference between shoulders and hips is important, especially when looking for ready-to-wear.

Ok Jamy, but what am I doing?

For an athletic physique, paddingis to be avoided. Having developed shoulders, it should not accentuate this point under penalty of giving a bulge really disproportionate. As for a strong morphology, it will be necessary to bet on relatively large setbacks so as not to accentuate even more an imposing size. The notches of these will then be positioned relatively high on the chest always in the optics to break and reduce the build. The jacket length is a crucial point for a so-called athletic morphology. To standardize the whole, it will have to be relatively long. Always in the concern to keep a balanced silhouette, it will not be too long either to maintain the verticality of the pants. Mens wedding suits with a two-button jacket is ideal for a sporty build.

Large sizes

We finish this overview of different morphologies by that which undoubtedly requires a lot of research work. Few present in the shelves of different ready-to-wear boutiques, morphology “Big & Tall” can however rely on some brands specialized in large models. This morphology associates the different problems encountered by an athletic morphology and a large morphology. Thus, the main black spots will be located at the shoulders, belly and thighs. To overcome these “defects”, it will then be necessary to use the same stratagems as for these morphologies.

In short, regardless of its morphology, the wearing of the costume is mandatory, as long as we know what points to watch for his costume. Of course, leaving on a tailor-made mens wedding suits will sublimate the maximum silhouette. This is also what I was able to do in my tests of different houses of measurement: they have all managed to erase my “defects” so that each suit fits my morphology. You really have to keep in mind that, no matter how small, big, fat or all at once, wearing a suit and being stylish is within everyone’s reach.

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