What Attitude to Adopt in a Job Interview?

Often, candidates are advised to be smiling, to have a handshake and look straight in. These are valuable tips for everyone, even if for administrative duties, for example, Shyness is not a bad thing, but it seems to me much more important to have a spontaneous and honest speech.This helps to identify the candidate’s personality. to learn about the company, as a speech learned by heart without any flavor will fall flat.If a person stammers but takes again saying: “excuse me I am not clear, I reformulate my thought” , it is less embarrassing than a totally stereotyped speech.

During the interview, candidates must also take notes, demonstrating their seriousness and interest in the position. It will also be useful for the rest of the interview when asking questions about the company or the position. Do not hesitate to question the recruiter about the strategies and the future of the company. Demonstrating a critical spirit without denigrating the company is also a character trait expected of HRDs. On the other hand, we must avoid all the questions related to holidays, the value of restaurant tickets, etc. Or to learn more subtly: “And in terms of remuneration, can you describe me the overall envelope? Finally, once the interview is over, the candidate should not hesitate to ask what the next steps will be, and it is also good to thank his interlocutors for leaving a last positive image. ”

How to dress up for a job interview?

During a recruitment, appearance and gesture take precedence over your speech, says Virginias le Colic, director of Look Design, an agency of makeover and image consulting. So know how to put all the assets on his side!

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“During a job interview, you are judged 55% on your appearance, 38% on your gestures and only 7% on your words. So if you want to have 100% of the recruiter’s attention, you have to pay attention to your look. You must also keep in mind that you do not know your future interlocutor. It is useless to dress in a particularly original way if the latter is not receptive to this type of fireworks. And even if the company you want to integrate with a flexible internal code-code, the recruiter can appreciate that you follow a certain protocol during this first interview. Women will thus have to favor discreet jewels and make-up and avoid a plunging neckline. Especially, if his interlocutor is a woman. For men, the costume remains a safe bet. Even the tie is an accessory well seen in maintenance. You must also give an image of someone affordable, reassuring. That’s why you should not wear clothes that are too trendy, too fashionable or too flashy.

You can however play on the color of your clothes. Most often, we go to an interview dressed in black and white, but blue is par excellence the color of openness, communication. But it is also the favorite color of the French, so you do not take any risk in wearing it. On the other hand, you do not have to multiply the associations of color: gray, black and then you play with only one color “. Claude Giroux Jersey

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