THE STRUCTURE OF THE PARAGRAPH: The Principle Of Unity Of Meaning

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The argumentative paragraph must respect some simple rules:

Announce the idea (using a logical connector marking the relationship to the previous paragraph ). In the first place, you must present the guiding idea in one or two succinct sentences for the sake of clarity. You must read the corrector (and any reader) to answer the question spontaneously: “What is the question in this paragraph? It is for the candidate to situate himself precisely in relation to other points of view by stating a thought whose truth will be supported by reasoning dissertation writing help Your wording must be precise and clear. You will read here and there that the announcement of the main idea should not necessarily be at the beginning. Some indeed place the idea in the middle or even at the end of the paragraph.That being said, it seems to me desirable to respect the rule that any argumentative paragraph begins with the announcement of the idea from which a deduction follows from a reasoning . This structure is certainly a little rigid but it avoids clumsiness method.

Develop the idea . This is the phase of deepening and explicitation: in fact, it is very awkward to find in some copies an argument that is certainly relevant, but that is not developed. Hence an impression of superficiality, since the reader could not follow and therefore understand your demonstrative logic. Before going to the example, it is therefore imperative to support the idea announced. Remember that an idea does not happen “at onceresume writing help it is the result of a process, a specific work that the candidate develops gradually using his intelligence and knowledge. Behind the words, it is therefore first logical reasoning that you must highlight.

Illustrate the idea . This is the function of the examples. You should not multiply in order to avoid the impression of “catalog” that have some bad copies: one or two well-targeted and examples related to the problem are preferable to a series of examples that would lose its paragraph unit composition and meaning . Consider developing your example: firstly be specific in your references (title of the work, chapter number, reference act, scene, etc.); comment, even briefly, on the example chosen by showing how it illustrates the argument put forward .

Deduce . It is obviously recommended not to complete the paragraph on an example. You must to the extent possible provide a deduction which confirms the idea announced earlier paragraph and thus would better link the demonstration to the overall problem resume writing help

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