Pool 8 Pool Rules (BlackBall or English Pool) -Billiard Ball Sets and Racks   

he origins of 8 Pool come from England. This game, born in bars, has a small dimension to enter the rooms that were small. The dimensions of the table are 2.12m long by 1.06m wide.

The 8 pool ball sets  or BlackBall consists of 15 marbles including two groups of yellow marbles and red marbles. The fifteenth ball is ball number 8 which is black. This ball must be pocketed after pocketing all his group of marbles, yellow or red depending on the case. If the player pockets the black before finishing his group, the game is lost to him.

At the beginning of the game, the white is placed in the starting area. Here is, in the figure, the correct arrangement of the

pool ball sets in the triangle. Once the case is broken, the player continues on the color assigned to him. If by breaking, the player enters a ball of each, he can choose his color and announce it aloud.

Pool cues Pool

To play 8Pool, there are different cues: removable carbon tails, removable wooden tails and whole wooden tails. The diameter of the shell of these tails is very small, from 8mm to 9mm in diameter only, so as to be very precise.

Faults at 8 pool ball sets

If the player enters the white ball, his opponent has the right to replace the ball in the D of the pool table. This free shot gives him the right to play anything, or almost anything, on the table. He has the right to touch a ball of his opponent and even to pocket if it hinders him to pocket one of his own. He also has the right to touch the black ball (without entering it).

If the player does not touch a ball or touches a ball of his opponent before his own ball there is fault. The opponent has a free shot.

It is a foul if the player pockets a ball of his opponent without first pocketing one of his balls.

There is a fault if a marble comes out of the carpet.


The version of the game “Ball Eight 2D” ClubDeJeux is the version of the game pool ball sets 8 3D for those who do not have a graphics card allowing to play with games in 3 dimensions. Version for 2 players, which wants to be the most pleasant and realistic possible.

Players – 2

Official table of 6 pockets

Balls – A white ball (shooting ball), 7 full balls, 7 striped balls, and a black ball (ball Eight).

Purpose of the game – each player is assigned a group of seven marbles (either numbers 1 to 7 or “full”, or 9 to 15 or “striped”). The winner is the first to pocket all the balls in his group, followed by the number 8 (black).

Game controls

  1. To follow, the list of all the controls of the game:
  2. Ctrl – Press to shoot
  3. Shift – Press this key to move the mouse slowly

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