Do you have a question about our services? You do not understand some aspects of our offer? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you an answer as precise as possible. To do this, simply send us an email using the online form on the site or call us on +33 (0) 2 33 726 421.

Since 2008, we operate throughout Normandy on behalf of companies or individuals, using the best material at our disposal. We can guarantee the reliability of the products we install for 12 years.

Some requests are very specific. Children of the Moon, for example, should not be exposed to ultraviolet light. It is imperative for them to use tinted Commercial Window, and to contact us as specialists in anti-UV film Saint Low.

To make sure of the quality of our work you will be able to consult the list of the companies which granted us their trust: the concession Peugeot of Cherbourg, the museum of the House of Prevent, etc.

You will also be able to consult the photos of our intervention on houses of private individuals, with an analysis of the needs expressed by them. Each situation is indeed special and requires our expertise to find the best technical solution. This is what made the reputation of our film company until Cherbourg, A ranches or Granville.

You’ve understood: contact a real professional Saint-Lô for your tinted windows: Easy Film! You will not regret your investment.

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A selection of companies close to the activity:  Garages and service stations – equipment and installations

He Company Light Protect offers installation and maintenance of tinted glass for Commercial Window. The team is experienced in the trade and has the necessary know-how for the installation and maintenance of all types of glazing. The company of tinted glass and covering is located at 1050 route de la Mar in Biota (Côte d’Azur), near the golf course. Light Protect technicians intervene in the city of Biota and in the cities located at 30 km around (Antibes, Valla Uris, Le Cannot, Grasse, Nice …). The company of tinted Commercial Window in Biota (Côte d’Azur) offers a whole range of ranges of films for glazing:

The installation and maintenance of a solar film for building

The solar film for building is applied directly on the glazing of the building or housing. Everything is done so that the occupants of the premises are not disturbed by the installation of the solar film. In particular, the property of the premises is constantly preserved throughout the operation. Once the film is applied, your eyes will not notice any trace of the pose, which is made with precision goldsmith.

The tinted glass for home is easy to maintain. It is cleaned in the same way as a conventional glass. The maintenance of solar film for building cannot damage the aesthetics or the protective role of the film for glazing

The advantages of solar building film

The solar movie first plays an aesthetic role. In the range of design films, you have the choice between several references: frosted gradient, frosted lines, frosted themes or frosted forms. But, the advantages of solar building film also relate to the insulation and the protection of the glazing.

The solar film is also intended to protect both the glazing and the interior of the building or housing. The company offers several references of anti-UV films, security films (ideal against shocks or graffiti), antibacterial or anti-fogging films. Several references are also grouped in the discretion range. Solar control films are white, matte, transparent or blackout.

The film that lets the heat pass allows you to achieve significant energy savings. It is at the same time a solar insulating film that contributes to the comfort of the occupants of the building or housing. The significant reduction of the infrared rejection or the significant absorption of the ultraviolet rays are recognized qualities of the solar control film.

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