Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – 1991

With Wiliam Shatner, Leonardo Nimoy, DiForest Kelley, Glen Plummer

The American Nicholas Meyer is involved in the three best Star Trek : The Wrath of Khan , Return to Earth , and the latest cinematic adventure of the original team, Earth Unknown . After killing Spock and transporting the crew back in time to our contemporary Earth, Meyer will transpose the fall of the East / West iron curtain into the Star Trek universe, on a suggestion from Leonardo Nimoy. The Klingons are forced to restore diplomatic relations with the Federation of Planets, following the destruction of their main source of energy. What is striking above all in this sixth episode is the quality of writing. Meyer the man of letters is well and truly back and it feels. In addition to this geopolitical intrigue, the director / scriptwriter will feed the film with his literary knowledge, having the villain of the film, General Chang, recite phrases from Shakespeare and Herman Melville. Unknown Earth shines with a dramatic aura that had not been seen since The Anger of Khan , precisely. Not content to sublimate best star trek movie with the Elizabethan theater and to update it with the political situation of the late 80s, Meyer also proposes a police investigation influenced by his knowledge … of Sherlock Holmes (Spock implies, without naming, that the famous detective English is one of his ancestors). And all this without ever losing sight of a plot yet complex, with all his characters, his separated heroes, his murderers who wait, hidden. Star Trek VI has a rare wealth and intelligence, and makes a great blockbuster, in a universe that deserves it. It is also a good farewell to the original actors, who will never be gathered again on the screen. But what is the last direction given by James T. Kirk the end of the film? ” Second star on the left,”: The Imaginary Country of Peter Pan.


Star Trek: Generation – 1994

By David Carson

With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spinner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn

With a total success of around $ 97 million in global revenue, best star trek movie  VI: Earth Unknownconfirms once again the success of the franchise across the globe, especially for a saga still addressing a certain number of insiders. Problem: The main crew is getting older, and the main comedians are starting to reject the idea of a seventh and new movie. So how can the creation of Gene Roddenberry continue? Simply by operating the passage of relay with the second team, which knows its last televisual season in this year 94. And hop, with a stone two birds: one closes the cinematic saga of Kirk, Scotty and McCoy (the other interpreters having finally declined the invitation) and we open that of Picard at the same time we finish in the small window. Clever no? And even if the Trekkies had been in the French captain’s crew for a few years, at least it was necessary to gather the less emancipated.

Suddenly, screenwriters Braga and Moore have concocted a little script on the passing of time in order to make the torch pass smoothly (too soft some say), all orchestrated by a David Carson already director of many episodes from the New Generation series . With its Nexus, dark energetic ribbon bringing its ideal world of dreams and fantasized lives, but completely unreal, for the search for happiness under sweetener, best star trek movie Generationscould be seen as an echo of the fifth installment of the saga, which sought to meet God with Kirk, Spock and the entire crew of the USS Enterprise. Except that here we try to confront our heroes with another kind of utopia: happiness and its real inaccessibility, and that we prefer to put some sticks in the wheels, at random crossing on their way some renegades Klingon, rather than to confront them with too much brain masturbation that had been right in the reception of the Star Trek 5: The last mentioned border .

So we left for a small space opera a little soft knee that unfortunately avoids the real battle in the stars by only being satisfied with a polite exchange of photonic torpedoes, and focuses on the intergenerational transmission between a Kirk paunchy and a Picard not necessarily used to its fair value (already that history does not know what to do the supporting roles populating the main bridge of the ship), all refereed by a Malcolm McDowell a little cabotin and a Whoopi Goldberg at the end of career . So maybe we can blame best star trek movie Generationsto have only a slightly light script – even if he owns two scenes since become cult, namely Kirk preparing eggs to Picard in a setting very “Epinal” and the death of Kirk himself (some do not) are still not given so much we did not have the right to kill their hero!) – not to still contain the epic breath of the new team and not to have the firepower of a big movie of SF (we could rightly consider it as a big episode transposed on the big screen), but now that the presentations to the general public are done, the writers have the free way for the next episode entirely next gen . And there they will not deprive themselves Dominik Masin Authentic Jersey

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