What Does The Seller Charge When Selling To Someone With A Mortgage FHA

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When you buy a home with a loan secured by the Federal Housing Administration, the seller technically only has to pay the costs associated with his own mortgage and taxes. However, under the Best FHA mortgage companies rules you can negotiate to have the seller pay a portion of your closing costs. Many buyers see this provision as one of the main advantages of a sustained FHA loan, but the seller has no real obligation to agree to pay any of your costs.

Seller’s cost

You cannot sell your house unless you pay all the existing liens on the property. As a seller, when closing the loan, you must use a proceeds from the sale to settle your own mortgage debt. In addition, you must pay property taxes for the part of the year that you owned the house unless you happen to sell the house the day the property taxes are due. Other costs, such as document preparation costs and registration costs, are the responsibility of the buyer rather than the seller.


Under FHA rules, you can make a seller’s concession to cover the buyer’s closing costs for an amount equal to 6 percent of the price of the property. The closing costs of the buyer include the property tax, home insurance, the Best FHA mortgage companies insurance premium, registration fees and legal fees. The buyer can also use the money to cover the 1 percent origination fee that many lenders charge as standard on FHA loans. If the buyer bought the lower interest rate by paying discount points, your dealership may also cover that cost.

Seller benefits

You may feel that the buyer has to pay the closing costs and that the payment of these fees will not benefit you. However, FHA loans involve low down payments and many people are getting these loans because they run out of cash to cover the typical initial cost of buying a home. You can negotiate the closing cost concession in the sale price of your home so that you do not really pay the costs out of pocket. You can sell your house for $ 100,000 and pay no closing costs or you can sell the house for $ 106,000 and pay the closing costs of the buyer, but actually pay nothing out of pocket.

other considerations

FHA assessments are more in-depth than regular home assessments and, like home inspections, FHA assessments involve establishing a list of defects and safety risks in your home appraiser. The FHA does not allow for making purchases until security issues have been taken into account, and the seller as the owner of the house must cover the cost involved. The repair costs are not the closing costs, but do not add the sales house at your expense. You may try to increase the asking price, because of the repair costs, but as with the seller ‘s concession, both parties must agree to such an agreement and the buyer may refuse to increase the purchase price.


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