Include The Glyph For The Confined Type Of Peh – Arabic Fonts

Go to the Arabic Fonts segment of the font diagram: select View ? Go to, tap the dropdown box and select Arabic Fonts, at that point click alright.

Tapping on a cell in the font outline will demonstrate its Unicode number and name in blue at the highest point of the board. Go to point 1661 , which appear in blue as 1663 `uni-067E” Arabic Fonts NOTE PEEH. The cell underneath the reference glyph contains a dim X, demonstrating that the Arabic Fonts does exclude this glyph.


We will make peh by duplicating beh (U+0628) and swapping its single speck for three spots.

Tap on the beh cell (position 1576), at that point right-click and select Duplicate. At that point right-tap on the peh cell and select Glue. Since beh is currently replicated into the peh cell, the following thing is to change the speck.

Discover a glyph with three dabs – sheen (position 1588, U+0634) will do. Double tap on the cell – this will open a glyph configuration board. Press V to guarantee the pointer instrument (sharpened stone) in the tool stash is chosen, and press Z and expand the board to give you a decent perspective of the glyph.

Snap and drag with the goal that the hubs of the three dabs above sheen change shading from pink to beige. In the event that you coincidentally incorporate or preclude a hub, deselect or select it by squeezing Movement and clicking. Press Alt+C to duplicate.

Backpedal to the font diagram and double tap on the peh cell – this will stack peh into another tab in the glyph configuration board, nearby the sheen tab.

Snap and drag to feature the speck underneath peh, at that point press Erase. Press Alt+V to glue in the three specks, which will probably show up over the group of peh. Leave the spot hubs featured so you can modify and move them all the more effortlessly.

Rearrange the spots: select the cheeky apparatus (two threesomes with a red sunk line among them from the tool compartment. (On the other hand, right-click amidst the specks, and select Flip the choice from the popup.) Tap on one of the dab hubs and drag the mouse somewhat left or right.

Move the modified specks: squeeze V to choose the pointer device once more, tap on one of the spot hubs, and drag them down underneath the body of the glyph. Position them halfway, over the Arabic Fonts stamp.

Close the glyph configuration board. There should now be another glyph for peh in the font diagram. Spare the adjusted font (Document to Spare). Andy Janovich Authentic Jersey

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